Wasp Control Morristown, NJ

The Yellow Jacket Wasp can attack as a group and may sting many times which is very painful and highly inflammatory particularly if stung around the throat or other glandular parts of the body.

Deaths are known to occur when a European Wasp stings a person after the wasp has been swallowed. The European Wasp may enter a soft drink or beer can (they like sugar) and if swallowed, it will bite and inject it's venom inside the persons throat which will causing massive swelling of the glands and possible asphyxiation (suffocation).

Paper Wasps can be very aggressive in hot weather and may cause severe pain from their sting. They are about 20 mm in length, and should be approached with caution.

Wasps - where they live ... The European Wasp can be identified by the bright yellow and black stripes on its abdomen. European Wasp nests are usually found in the ground, rockeries, tree stumps, wall cavities and roof voids.

The paper wasp has brown and orange stripes and is usually found in a small papery nest usually hanging from a horizontal surface, such as, on walls under ceilings, window sills, awnings, shrubs and similar locations.

Wasp Control Morristown, NJ

Wasp Control Services WARNING: DO NOT attempt to eradicate a wasp nest yourself, unless you have the complete range of protective equipment and professional knowledge essential in the circumstances. If you see a European wasp on your property you may attempt carefully to find the nest in your locality.

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