Home Pest Control Plans

Assure Pest Services can provide year-round protection from the majority of the most common home-invading pests. We will develop customized plans to control pests including ants, cockroaches, mice, rats, spiders, fleas and silverfish – nearly any pest problem you have, we can solve. Our Home Pest Control Program includes pest control visits from our professional technicians scheduled a minimum of three times a year. Prevention is the best control.

Free emergency service visits are included in our plans. pest problems don’t occur on a schedule.when you need us, pick up the phone and call. We’ll come right out, at no cost to you. You may never need to call us, but it’s good to know we’re there if you do.

On our first visit we remediate your initial pest problem and begin one of the following preventive home pest control plan services:

Spring-Early Summer Pest Control

Thorough inspection in and around your home for pest conditions and treatment of any pests that are discovered.
Application of a protective barrier around the exterior of your home to keep crawling insects from entering.

Summer-Fall Pest Control

Careful exterior inspection and treatment of pests, especially wasps’ and bees’ nests.
Interior inspection, if desired, and treatment of any new home pest infestations.
Exterior barrier application to keep out pest invaders

Fall-Winter Pest Control

A comprehensive Pest Management Inspection of your home and property for potential pest problems.
Thorough evaluation and treatment of any pest infestations

Pest Control Platinum Home Protection Plan

Like our Home Protection Plan, our Platinum Home Protection Plan provides year-round protection from a large number of the most common home-invading pests, including ants, cockroaches, mice, rats, spiders, fleas, silverfish, etc. Our Platinum Plan also covers carpenter ants and carpenter bees both a wood destroying pests. Our seasonal home service visits are scheduled three times a year to help prevent your pest problem from recurring.

Quarterly Pest Control Services or Seasonal Pest Control Services

Quarterly is offered every 3 months includes all general insects and rodents. With flexible scheduling. The seasonal service is offered around April or May and than September or October 2 x services per year. They both include inside and outside service or outside only. Both programs can be tailored to a customers specific needs and include a exterior perimeter preventive treatment. These services do not include wood destroying insects or wildlife management. We will inspect for bees, wasps and the structure for any conditions that would add to further pest problems. At Assure Pest Services we work with each client to solve their pest issues.