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Mouse and Rat Control Services in Northern New Jersey

Build a Better Mouse Trap or Call a Professional North New Jersey Exterminator?

When winter sets in, Rat and Mouse infestation is very common in the Morris county and Sussex county NJ areas.

Now that the weather is getting cold, mice and rats seeking the warmth of your house will start moving in.

mouse control service morris county njThey may look cute and cuddly in the movies; but mice in your house poses a dangerous risk to your family and home.

Mice will foul your food supplies and eating areas with their urine and feces. They also expose your family to parasites, mites and deadly diseases including the untreatable and sometimes fatal Hantavirus. Their constant gnawing damages your home and nibbles away at your peace of mind.

Why You Need a North New Jersey Mouse, Rat and Rodent Control Service to get rid of all the Mice.

The most adaptable species on Earth after man, mice live in polygamous breeding groups.

A female mouse can have as many as five litters of six to a dozen pups during her average one-year life span. With offspring reaching maturing in just three months, the reproductive potential of a mouse colony is huge. There is no such thing as just one mouse in your attic!

As mice move around your home, they also leave their scent behind, which attracts other mice and rats to enter your house as well.

Two types of mice are common to Sussex and Morris County areas of New Jersey.

The gray house Mouse is about 2 inches long not including its long, thin tail. The House Mouse spends its life indoors rarely straying more than 10 feet from its nest. These dirty mice are constant nibblers and will drop urine and mouse feces across your kitchen counters and cupboards.

They can ruin or contaminate your food as they gnaw into boxes and pet food bags in search of something to eat.

Slightly larger than the House Mouse, the White footed Deer Mouse is light brown to black with a white belly.

These rodents commonly live in burrows or wood piles in or around your yard. As the weather gets cold White footed Deer Mice will move into your garage and eventually they will infest your home and attic. The White-footed Deer Mouse is a known transmitter of dangerous Hantavirus and host of the Lyme Disease-harboring deer tick.

How do you prevent Mice and Rats from entering your home?

It’s hard to keep a determined mouse out of your house. Believe it or not, mice can  squeeze through holes no bigger than a dime. They are also excellent climbers, and can get into your house along wires and pipe outlets or through crawl spaces, attic vents and sump pumps.

The dangers of having mice in your house and how to get rid of them.mice in attic morris county nj

Mice in attics chewing through wires have started electrical fires. Unfortunately, you may not only have 1 mouse and a colony can do a lot of damage in a short amount of time.

Mice are fast breeders and it does not take long for a simple mouse in your house to turn into an infestation. Setting mouse traps or using rat poison puts your children and pets at risk and in most cases only eliminates 1 or 2 mice.

Effective Mouse Control Requires the Expertise of a Professional Rodent Extermination Service.

To effectively get rid of a colony of mice, all entry and exit points must be located and tightly sealed.

Amateur attempts at mouse control can trap mice inside your walls leaving your home with the nasty stench of decomposition.

If you have a mouse problem, fast elimination by an experienced Morris County and Sussex county pest control professional is necessary to protect your home as well as your family’s health and safety.

What does Mouse Control services cost?

It is difficult to put a cost on mouse control until one of our trained exterminators has looked at the extent of the infestation. If you have seen mice running around your home or are finding mouse droppings, call Assure Pest control asap before it gets worse.

What are your rodent control service areas?

Assure Pest Service provides fast and effective rat and mouse control services to the Sussex County and Morris County areas of Northern New Jersey.

When you contact us about your rodent problem we will schedule a visit to your home at your earliest convenience.

Here is a list of the Northern NJ towns we provide mouse, rat, and rodent control service to:

Andover, Augusta, Boonton, Branchville, Brookside, Budd Lake, Butler, Byram, Cedar Knolls, Chatham, Chester, Denville, Dover, East Hanover, Flanders, Florham Park, Frankford, Franklin, Fredon, Gillette, Green, Green Village, Hamburg, Hampton, Hardyston, Hibernia , Highland Lakes, Hopatcong, Ironia , Kenvil, Lafayette, Lake Hiawatha, Lake Hopatcong, Landing, Ledgewood, Lincoln Park, Long Valley, Madison, Mendham, Millington, Mine Hill , Montague, Montville, Morris Plains, Morristown , Mount Arlington, Mount Freedom, Mount Tabor, Mountain Lakes, Netcong , New Vernon , Newton, Ogdensburg, Parsippany, Pequannock, Picatinny Arsenal, Pine Brook, Pompton Plains, Randolph , Riverdale, Rockaway, Sandyston, Schooleys Mountain, Sparta, Stanhope, Stillwater, Stirling, Succasunna, Sussex, Towaco, Vernon, Walpack, Wantage, Wharton, and Whippany New Jersey.

Don’t let mice ruin your home or threaten the health of your family! Let the professionals at Assure Pest Services get rid of your mouse problems once and for all!

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