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Cave Crickets Control in Morris and Sussex County NJ

Cave crickets are not at all like the chirping field crickets you may have seen hopping around.

The adults have fairly large bodies measuring up to one-and-a-half inches long and supported by long legs, especially the back, drumstick-shaped pair that may reach four inches in length if stretched out.

Extended antennae help these insects, which live mostly in the dark and that have poor eyesight, find their way around. They are also called camel crickets and spider crickets.

The have humped backs, are typically brown and may have striped legs. They vary in coloration with some even containing purple hues. They do look fairly prehistoric and creepy.

Unlike field crickets, they don’t have wings and they don’t chirp. They crawl, but are also powerful jumpers. I’ve read that they jump toward potential predators to scare them away since they don’t have any form of defense.

Cave crickets are very moisture-dependent, so you may get them in your basement or garage. If you get rid of the moisture you’ll get rid of them.

Outdoors they can be found in piles of damp leaves, under rotting logs, in stacks of firewood and, of course, in caves. Some that live in deep caves are very small, blind and lightly pigmented.

Cave crickets are omnivores and will eat a range of things such as decaying plant matter, dead insects, fungi and plants.

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